The easiest way to get to the house is to go through the center of Cagnes sur Mer and start following the direction “La Gaude”.

The house is situated about 1,5 to 2 km from the center of Cagnes sur Mer. Once you are on the “Avenue (or Route) de la Gaude” (still in Cagnes, but heading in direction La Gaude)  you will cross several small intersections before you get to a fork in the road where the main road starts to climb slightly. Don’t take the left-hand road leading to Val de Cagnes. Continue on the main road for about 300 meters. The villa is on your right on this road, but easy to miss because the access gate is a little hidden. If you pass the house it’s not a problem, in fact it may even be better to do that on purpose the first time as it makes it easier to get through the gate coming from the opposite direction. 500 meters after the gate you can turn around (in front of the Veolia compound) and head back. In case you arrive before me, please call me.

If you have a GPS then this might help you:
43°40’31.8″N 7°09’04.1″E
43.675497, 7.151150


84 avenue de la Gaude
06800 Cagnes sur Mer