If you have a GPS it’s easy – just enter these GPS coordinates:

43.682879 / 7.144298

(If you prefer to enter the street name, be sure to enter Cagnes sur Mer afterwards, otherwise you may end up in Vence, which is quite a bit further !)

  • Drive into the center of Cagnes sur Mer (past the central square: Place Charles de Gaulle), then follow signs for the Medieval Old Town
  • At one point the road narrows to a single lane between buildings, continue through the narrowing and shortly after that (about 80m), you’ll come to a fork in the road
  • Take the right-hand road that dips down slightly and is sign-posted “Val de Cagnes camping” (this is the start of our road : chemin des Salles)
  • From that point use your mileometer to travel the 1.8 km to n° 93 chemin des Salles on the left-hand side, where you’ll see a row of 5 identical beige mail-boxes, a black gate (always open) and the start of a dirt-road
  • Take the dirt-road and drive about 250 m – it winds left then right, after which the villa is the first house on your right.

Villa Peire-Long
93 chemin des Salles
06800 Cagnes Sur Mer